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What are you really feeding your pet? 

Our Foods:

High-quality foods contain no common food allergens and are highly digestible. Typically, they contain added probiotics, though this feature is not a requirement.


Probiotics are beneficial living bacteria (as in yogurt), which are added after the cooking process to aid in digestion. They provide the meat carnivores need without the Byproducts commonly found in other commercial foods. Pet Spot is committed to providing customers with a variety of High-quality food brands.

Other Foods:


Mid-quality foods contain one or two possible food allergens, but they are still moderately digestible.


Low-quality foods should be avoided. They may contain by-products, a substantial amount of potential food allergens, and preservatives, which may contain artificial binding agents that harden stools. Level 5 foods should be permanently avoided, at all costs! These foods can cause long-term harm to animals and may reduce your pet’s life span. Also, these foods meet minimum AAFCO requirements. Look out for the packaging of these brands; often, it is flashy and subtly misleading.


Low-quality foods generally use ultra-poor protein sources (e.g. dead, dying, diseased, disabled), contain many food allergens, use preservatives, and may add unnecessary amounts of sugar, salt, and artificial colors. Additionally, Low-quality foods may contain Meat Meal/ Bone Meal and make use of Propylene glycol.

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