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Questions Most Often Asked 


In Store Express Grooming provides a stress free environment for your furry best friend. We take pets by appointment at our Dickinson Store and based on their size and breed they are most often in and out within an hour. This greatly reduces all the stress associated with a "churn and burn" volume based approach like the big box stores. At Pet Spot all pets get personalized attention at a value based price. We are dedicated to the welfare of animals and both pet and owner having a good experience to the best of our ability. Both pets and owners love the Pet Spot Experience! You are not just a number at Pet Spot. 

Is the Quality of MOBILE GROOMING Equal to In Store? 

Yes it is! Pet Spot provides the very best and professionally trained groomers. We are proud of our Team! We also provide Wag'n Tails Custom Grooming Vans recognized as the very best in the industry. These Mobile Grooming Salons deliver equally high quality results as do our Store Grooming Services. They are completely self powered by commercial Onan generators and completely self contained for water and waste water. With our whisper quiet generators most customers don't even know we are there. We are fully equipped with stainless steel tubs with Super Sudser units, hot water heaters, commercial grade dryers, a full size foot operated groom table. They are also commercially air conditioned for the comfort of your pets and our groomers. These are beefy 1 ton vans that are well equipped and custom built not just panel vans.  

What is included in a Pet Spot Groom?

Whether Pet Spot arrives at your house with our Mobile Services, or you come to us for In Store grooming, you always get our best. We provide brush out, bath, nail trim or grind, expression of glands, and ear cleaning. We provide haircuts based on breed and our professionally trained groomers meet with you personally in advance and after the groom to assure your satisfaction. Pet Spot provides a full service based groom price estimate not "nickel and diming" you for everything along the way. 

Is Mobile Grooming more Expensive than In Store?

Mobile grooming delivered in your drive way is more expensive than in store grooming. This is because of the costs related to the equipment and operating it as we provide the very best in the industry made by Wag'n Tails. We want you get the very best experience and be comparable to our commercial in store equipment. When you consider value mobile is equal to in store in that you never leave the convenience of your own home. Either way you choose you receive great value and the best grooming experience. 

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